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Oprah Winfrey’s secrets revealed by Stedman’s mother



Oprah Winfrey’s engagement

to Stedman Graham was a
HUGE lie,
reports Alexander Hitchen,
Patricia Shipp, Lisa Luchesi
and Don Gentle for the
September 6th, 2010 issue
of The National Enquirer.

Stedman Graham’s mother
Mary Graham gave The
Enquirer an exclusive interview
before she passed away
August 10th, 2010.

“Stedman never proposed,”
Mary Graham revealed.

“I would have been proud
to have had her as a daughter-
in-law, but ‘Steddy’ never

Mary also disclosed that
Oprah and best friend Gayle
King “Oprah and Gayle
shared a bed,
but not in that way.
They’re like sisters,
I’ve been told.
They talk in bed,
gossip –
they even eat in bed.
they’re just really
good friends.”
and that her son grew
intensely jealous over
their unique relationship.

Disclosed a family insider,
“Mary eventually found out
the whole Stedman-Oprah
engagement was a big lie-
the result of Oprah
protecting Gayle.”

Mary Graham died at home
in her sleep 11 days before
her 86 birthday.____R.I.P.



10 Responses to “Oprah Winfrey’s secrets revealed by Stedman’s mother”

  1. Oprah has always been a sex freak deviant,
    like her father who took advanatge of a lady
    down here in Nashville and through fix lawyers
    hammered a deal to keep him from being locked up,
    I believe Stedman’s mom.
    Everything has been revealed
    about Oprah and htis Gayle…………………………

  2. Who cares if it is true or not. It is Oprah’s life. So many people are just
    trying to drag her name in the dirt and capitalize on this because if who
    she is. Leave her alone and let her be.

  3. Notice,
    in public there is no interaction
    between Stedmen and Oprah.

    Stedmen makes no public comments.

    There relation is so Oprah
    can say I have a man.

    There relationship is such a joke.

    And trust me millions say the same.
    And Gayle knows that.

    • Thank You for saying that.

      I agree with all you say.

      Oprah painted a wonderful
      fantasy of her early life,
      how she was so poor
      she had a cockroach for
      a pet –
      (which her family denies)
      how Steadman is her boyfriend
      (yeah right.)

      She gives away cars
      (which the car company paid for).

      Oprah helped a Communist
      become President and her
      ratings have been dropping
      ever since.

      I would watch the Ellen
      show above Oprah anytime –
      at least Ellen is honest
      about herself.


  4. Everybody stop hating and catch a life don’t hate on oprah winfrey…if you all would get off your asses and get a job and do something with your lifes then there would be no opportunity to sit around hating on oprah!!! Right? Thank you. Have a nice life

  5. What is everyone’s problem? Are you just so jelous of Ophra that you can’t get a life of your own. You people who keep calling her GAY must be wanting to be gay yourself, that is why you can’t let it go. Why don’t all of you gay complainers come on out of the closet yourself? Can’t you see good in anyone? She has done nothing wrong. let it go.

  6. no one dont really care if oprah and gayle are lesbians, because everyone knows that gayle is oprah’s lover, but what is the secret, its their lives they can do what they want, but I believe oprah’s mother that oprah was not all that poor as she is claiming. I think oprah wants people to feel pity for her, but one of these days her sins going to find her out, stop lying on your mother because you dont need too, you already rich and powerful.

  7. pray for her, she’s human just like everyone else, who;s knows what’s true about her and what’s false, i,m sure she has her secrets, the women walks around in a mask, the real oprah is, lonely, and miserable, has no true friend but…. JESUS, i believe she has put gayle and steadman in JESUS place,…… with that she’ll never have real peace;;;;;;;;;; mar

  8. iOprah is a Ms. treasure. I am 80 years old, white and I have followed her accomplishment for almost 40 years. So she is human, so we all make mistakes but how man have overcome and done what she has done. I remember back years ago I learned to admit I had been raped and after her airing her childhood I finailly admitted what happened to me. So who are we to condem or judge anyone else..
    She is a Mississippi lady and I would love to see her come to Ms. especially to Hattiesburg
    Perhaps Travis should get in touch with me as my property could be used by him to bless the area as he is my brother..
    Be nice to have Travis and Oprah to bless the area with their appearance.

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