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Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria Parker and Teri Hatcher lusty lesbian lip lock!







Eva Longoria Parker 
dreaded kissing 
Teri Hatcher 
for a same-sex 
smooch in 
Desperate Housewives – 
because she hates 
getting close to 
anyone on screen, 
WENN reports 
March 18th.

The pair puckered up 
for a forthcoming episode 
of the hit show – 
but Longoria Parker admits 
she had reservations 
about the scene.

She says, 
“I still hate it, 
it’s really intimate.”

“Even if it is Teri Hatcher, 
I hate it! 
It doesn’t matter who, 
it’s just such a personal invasion,
so I find it really difficult.”
And the actress also let 
slip a racy new plotline – 
with Hatcher’s character, 
Susan Mayer, 
developing feelings 
for another woman.

Longoria Parker adds, 
“Not with me and Teri. 
There’s a lesbian storyline 
with Teri and another actor 
and she comes to the girls 
for advice and I just have 
to clear things up for her.”







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