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Behind Every Great Woman There’s A Fabulous Gay Man



The U.K. SUN Woman’s LAURA STOTT is on The Hunt. 
Each week the 29-year-old singleton checks out the latest ways to find blokes. This week she takes some advice from the gay scene with dating tips from new book Behind Every Great Woman There’s A Fabulous Gay Man.

GERI HALLIWELL had George Michael. Carrie Bradshaw had Stanford Blatch.

Yes, every singleton needs a gay best friend. After all, who could be better for giving you insight into the male mind than a man who also dates men?

Relationship expert Dave Singleton is the author of Behind Every Great Woman There’s A Fabulous Gay Man.

He says single girls should take their dating lead from the gay scene and is full of tips on how to meet men.

So would a queer eye for the single girl help me to find love? Dave’s first tip is where to meet guys.

He says gay men often chat up their targets in more unusual places – beaches, golf courses and sports bars when a big game is on, for example.

Football games don’t come much bigger than the Manchester United v Chelsea Champions League final so I decided to watch the game in a pub opposite Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge ground.

Before kick-off I chat to Surrey brickie Paul Hunt, 24, and Alan Hayler, 32, a courier from Maidstone in Kent.

But once the game starts it’s obvious there’s no chance I’ll be meeting the man of my dreams.

I could be at the bar in a bikini and no one would give me a second glance tonight – everyone is fixated on the screen.

Dave’s next tip was to multiple-date, as gay men prefer to hedge their bets rather than just focus on one man.

I’ve been on a few dates recently with a bloke I met at a wedding but when a friend also wanted to set me up I followed the gay mantra and agreed to go anyway.

I understood the gay logic of not putting all your dating eggs in one basket but I know I’d be upset if I found out a man I liked was multiple-dating.

Even though the man my friend set me up with was lovely I felt uncomfortable with the situation.

The final tip – essentially, treat them mean, keep them keen – was much more successful.

Instead of following up my dinner date with lots of texts, I tried to ignore my phone.

Result? A call wondering why he hadn’t heard from me and another date planned for next week.

Perhaps every single girl does need a gay best friend after all.

  • Behind Every Great Woman There’s A Fabulous Gay Man by Dave Singleton (Corgi, £7.99).

    Bloke’s eye view… GAY DATING TIPS

    WE asked our mystery man what he thinks about hunting for a man the gay way.

    Bloke’s Eye View says: So – play hard to get, hang out where there are lots of men and go out with lots of different blokes so you don’t get hurt when one dumps you?

    I might be missing a trick here but that’s not exactly groundbreaking news for single girls, is it?

    I suppose as “dating advice” goes it all makes sense although it seems a bit sneaky to me.

    I don’t approve of pretending to like footie to snag a man. Trust me, we’ll rumble you.

    And not calling might provoke a response but frankly if we like you we’ll call eventually whether you do first or not.

    This author’s advice sounds more like the sort of thing agony aunts in women’s mags come up with.

    Trying to follow any kind of strategy is just weird if you ask me. What about just being yourself?



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