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2 year old 2 pack a day smoker Ardi Rizal




2-year-old boy

smokes 40


a day


By Lin Li

____May 30th, 2010



Taking a deep drag on his

cigarette while resting on the

steering wheel of his truck,

he looks like a parody of a

middle-aged lorry driver.

But the image covers up a

much more disturbing truth:

At just the tender age of two,

Ardi Rizal‘s health has been so

ruined by his 40-a-day habit

that he now struggles to

move by himself.



The four-stone Indonesia toddler

is certainly far too unfit to run

around with other children –

and his condition is set

to rapidly deteriorate.

His mother,

Diana, 26, wept:

“He’s totally addicted.

If he doesn’t get cigarettes,

he gets angry and screams

and batters his head against

the wall.

He tells me he

feels dizzy and sick.”

But, despite local officials’ offer

to buy the Rizal family a new car

if the boy quits,

his parents feel unable to stop

him because he throws massive

tantrums if they don’t

indulge him.



Ardi will smoke only one

brand and his habit costs

his parents 3.78 British pounds

(about 5.50 U.S. dollars)

a day in Musi Banyuasin,

in Indonesia’s South

Sumatra province.

But in spite of this,

his fishmonger father

Mohammed, 30, said:

“He looks pretty

healthy to me.

I don’t see the problem.”

Ardi‘s youth is the extreme

of a disturbing trend.

Data from the Central

Statistics Agency showed

25 per cent of Indonesian

children aged three to 15

have tried cigarettes,

with 3.2 per cent of

those active smokers.

The percentage of five

to nine year olds lighting up

increased from 0.4 per cent

in 2001 to 2.8 per cent in 2004,

the agency reported.




Video link below

Indonesian 2-year-old

Ardi Rizal smokes two

packs a day



_Dad Mohammed gave

_Ardi his first smoke

_at eighteen months.



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