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X Factor singer Rachel Hylton kicks sexy mentor Dannii Minogue to the curb, figuratively!



Rachel sacks Dannii          



It was bound to happen sooner or later – 

Dannii Minogue has been sacked as a mentor.

Rachel Hylton has reportedly had enough 

of Dannii’s bad song choices 

and decided to go it alone.



Rachel ended up in the bottom two 

on Saturday’s programme. 

She managed to stay in the show after 

she was saved by Louis and Cheryl.



A source told the Daily Mirror: 

“There have been some differences of 

opinion between acts and judges before, 

but not to this level.

“There is total breakdown in 

communication between the two girls 

with Rachel ultimately feeling Dannii 

is failing her.



“She is desperate to win the competition 

but she feels she has no chance if 

Dannii keeps giving her the wrong 

tracks to perform.

“It has been bubbling under for weeks, 

ever since Dannii gave her the Robyn 

track Every Heartbeat to sing which 

really didn’t complement her 

amazing voice.


“But it was the final straw when 

she ended up in the bottom two. 

She demanded Dannii had to go.”

It is the first time a contestant 

has fired their mentor.

Dannii has also been in trouble 

with Simon Cowell, a source added: 

“Simon rapped Dannii for wasting 

Rachel’s talents with awful songs.

“He has a soft spot for Rachel and 

wants to see her full potential.



“He does realise she can be a 

handful and that Dannii has a 

difficult time trying to handle that.

“The way Dannii has dealt with 

Rachel has really put her mentoring 

skills under the spotlight.

“It’s not only Rachel who will be 

feeling the pressure this week, 

Dannii will be too.”

A spokesman for the X Factor 

refused to confirm the news.












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