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Backseat lovers need to set the parking brake next time!




Back seat lovers 
survive cliff plunge 



Two lovers ended up in hospital in Taiwan after their car plunged 150ft down a cliff face as they made love in the back seat.

Lin Gu, 25, and lover Lee Shin, 29, were left with broken bones and bruises after their car toppled over the edge of a hill in XinDian, reports Today News.

A spokesman for police who were called by witnesses said: 

“They had parked up close to the edge of the mountain and had left the handbrake off.

“When they started having sex the rocking motion started the car moving and it rolled off the hill. 

They were lucky they were not more seriously hurt.”

The two lovers had driven to a deserted mountain road and parked but their movements made the car topple over the edge and roll down to the bottom of the valley.

Despite their injuries – 

and being covered with mud and grass – 

the couple managed to clamber back up to the road where the woman asked the man to keep walking while she sought help at a nearby house.

Homeowner Chen Chenggang said the woman pleaded with him not to reveal how the accident happened as her husband “would definitely sue for divorce”.


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