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Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood wanted a Guinness but ended up with a White Russian instead!


A Rash Manly 22Moon headline!



 The White Russian!


RUSSIAN beauty Ekaterina Ivanova 
has fallen head-over-heels in love with 
Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood, 
her pals said last night.

Alex Peake, James Clinch and 
Richard White report for 
The U.K. Sun July 15th.

And The Sun can reveal that the alcoholic rocker, 61, 

seduced 20-year-old Ekaterina after telling her his marriage had effectively ENDED five years ago.



The Sun told exclusively yesterday how Ronnie’s shattered wife Jo, 53, 

had told HIM it was over because of his relationship with the Russian.

But cocktail waitress Ekaterina — 

pictured here with Ronnie for the first time — 

says she has a clear conscience.



A friend told The Sun: 

“Ronnie is the first man she has had proper feelings for.

“It’s no secret that she has fallen for him in a big way. 

She said they were like any other young couple in love, 

except he is 61-year-old millionaire.

“Ronnie told her that although he still lives with his wife, 

their marriage has been dead for more than five years. 

She has totally fallen for him and had no reason to disbelieve him.



“Ekaterina is adamant she has done nothing wrong.

“Ronnie had told her his marriage was over anyway, 

and as far as she’s concerned she’s not to blame if it ends in divorce.”

The couple have been holed up at Ronnie’s £3 million retreat in Co Kildare, Ireland — 

on a ten-day booze bender.

Last night shattered-looking Ronnie finally emerged with his 30-year-old son from his first marriage, and mumbled: 

“Things are very difficult right now.”



He and son Jesse were driven to the posh K Club, 

a former Ryder Cup golf venue. 

As they left an hour later, Jesse ushered Ronnie into the back seat of the motor and said: 

“Come on dad, don’t say anything.”

Friends of Moscow-born Ekaterina claimed she did not care about guitarist Ronnie’s fortune — 

and did not even know who he was when they met at a seedy escort club in London’s West End.




One pal said: 

“We keep reading that she made a beeline for him but she had no idea who he was at first.

“It wasn’t long before she clicked and other people recognised Ronnie,

 but I don’t think Ekaterina’s even a Stones fan.”

Dad-of-four Ronnie has vowed to check into rehab when he leaves, 

but family and friends are begging him to go home for crisis talks with ex-model Jo. 

Until recently their 23-year marriage was the most envied in the rock business.



But worried pals now fear for Ronnie’s health as he hits an all-time low in his battle with the bottle. 

Businesswoman Jo has revealed he has been drinking two bottles of vodka a day.

And a friend said yesterday: 

“Ronnie has battened down the hatches at his home in Ireland.

“The family are all very upset. 

Ronnie is an alcoholic and it is a progressive illness. 

Every time an alcoholic falls off the wagon it’s worse than the previous lapse. 

This is a new low for him.”

And there is little chance of him quickly running out of drink as the sprawling property in Clane boasts its own PUB in a converted outbuilding. 

Ronnie last year told in his autobiography how he spent much of his time in the boozer, 

which he designed himself.



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