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Claudia Schiffer never fakes an orgasm!


in Berlin, for the U.K. Sun

Alan HALL wrote this piece.

Published: 17 May 2008

says she never fakes an orgasm —
and reckons there’s no substitute for sex.

She also thinks flings are OK — 

IF both partners are not married.

But she’d dump a man if he strayed —

and even a business partner who was playing away.

The German-born beauty said:

“There is no situation where it is right to fake an orgasm.

“Why did God give us the gift of speech?

“There is also no substitute for love-making,

not even buying shoes!”

The mum of two — married to film producer

MATTHEW VAUGHAN, 37 — admits to being a

“romantic” who is only happy “with a man” at her side.

She told Vanity Fair magazine it doesn’t matter

if men aren’t handsome, but they “should be intelligent,

very masculine and sexy”.

It’s OK for blokes to blub a bit,

although “strength in a man is a good thing”.

Claudia, who lives in London,

said she prefers men to wear boxer shorts,

and wouldn’t let her fella smoke in bed.

She reckons the world’s sexiest man




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  1. Neither do I

  2. Beautiful Gorgeous Lady.

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