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YouTube has begun demonetizing any content judged to “Brush Up” against its rules

June 7, 2019

YouTube has begun demonetizing any content deemed to “brush up” against its rules following complaints from Vox journalist Carlos Maza. The backlash by independent video creators, politicians, and site users against the Google-owned platform, called #VoxAdpocalypse, became the top trend on Twitter.

YouTube demonetizes Steven Crowder’s channel – The #VoxAdpocalypse has begun

June 5, 2019

On Wednesday afternoon, YouTube went ahead and demonetized Crowder’s entire channel, saying a “pattern of egregious actions has harmed the broader community.” This is a reference to a February 2018 blog post on YouTube’s creator blog. The “harm” Crowder seems to have done is having a different opinion than people like Vox writer Carlos Maza, who asked YouTube to investigate him.