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“I am too old to be a handsome idiot so I settle for acting like one.” Rash Manly

April 8, 2010

Oscar Wilde/Rash Manly quotations

“The difference between an enraged wife and an enraged mistress is a wife may only stab you in the front.” Rash Manly

April 4, 2010

Oscar Wilde/Rash Manly quotations

“I have no need of high morals to resist temptation. I have a wife who knows when I am lying.” Rash Manly

October 13, 2009

Oscar Wilde and Rash Manly witty quotations!

“Man is well made by GOD. It is when man tries to improve upon the design that the warranty becomes void.” Rash Manly

September 27, 2009

Oscar Wilde and Rash Manly quotes

“It is a fact of the 21st century that of death and vulgarity, I am not dead yet.” Rash Manly

September 26, 2009

Oscar Wilde Rash Manly quotes

“I avoid a life of total decadence not from lack of interest but rather lack of money.” Rash Manly

September 8, 2009

Rash Manly and Oscar Wilde witty quotations!

“The heart of a man is more wise than both his heads together.” Rash Manly

May 19, 2009

“The beauty of a Lady is both internal and eternal.” Rash Manly

True beauty is not seen by the eye but heard in the whisper from your heart. Rash Manly

April 27, 2009

Beautiful women in art by Peter Paul Rubens

Why look at the stars when you can leer at the Moon? Rash Manly

July 23, 2008

__________ . . “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” . _______Oscar Wilde . . . .