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Secret agenda behind Kim Davis’ bum rush behind bars

September 9, 2015

Kim Davis, the embattled Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk who discontinued issuing any marriage licenses after the Supreme Court created “same-sex marriage,” was jailed and later freed by Judge David Bunning over that issue.

But one scholar says something else is the true reason the judge joined activists in trying to make her a pariah.

“What we’re seeing now on display is a real active, aggressive, anti-Christian sentiment,” said Michael Brown, author and talk-radio host. “The issue is not so much what she’s doing, the issue is what she believes. That’s why the first principle in my book ‘Outlasting the Gay Revolution’ is ‘never compromise your convictions.’ We knew for years this was coming. Here it is; it’s time to take a stand.”

Brown made these comments during a recent appearance on the cable show “America Trends” with Dr. Gina Loudon.

As evidence that progressives are vilifying Davis for what she believes, he pointed out Gavin Newsom, as mayor of San Francisco in 2004, disobeyed the law of the land by ordering his subordinates to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Newsom, rather than being jailed and vilified, went on to become California’s lieutenant governor and is now running for governor.