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Electric vibrator was invented for men

February 9, 2012

Most people never thought of when and how an electric vibrator was invented. The common misconception is that this device was created for women. Quite the contrary – according to the creator of the vibrator, it was intended for men who could not relax.

At the end of the 19th century, a British physician patented the first electric vibrator in the world, but the first ones to enjoy the invention were his male colleagues.

The inventor named his creation “Hammer.” The ingenious doctor was weak, and feared the unexpected success of his invention. Joseph Mortimer Granville admitted in his little book on “the vibration of the nerves,” written in 1883, that he would never test this device on women. He said that his invention most likely was meant to relax the clenched muscles in male patients.

In the Puritan-prudish Victorian England Mortimer Granville developed the world’s first electric vibrator, a drill with a small ball on the end. When clicking on the device, it would start humming. The electric power was supplied from the battery the size of a suitcase.

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“Hammer of Granville,” as the invention was soon dubbed, made redundant a specific medical therapy practiced for centuries – a massage of the clitoris with fingers in patients with a diagnosis of “hysteria.” This process is clearly shown in the comedy Hysteria by American director Tanya Wexler. The film shows that this method required a great deal of time, did not always lead to the desired result, and made the doctor’s hand so tired that it had to be placed in a bowl of ice. Physicians in antiquity also practiced this delicate hand work. The so-called hysteria (Greek word hysteria means “womb”) was regarded as women’s disease from the time of Hippocrates. The disease was believed to stem from the uterus and lead to stagnation of female juices in the body.

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