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Batman villain Bane in new ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ trailer

December 22, 2011

Batman ‘Dark Knight Rising’ new movie trailer featuring Tom Hardy as Bane/
Batman villain Bane in new film trailer from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie review and preview

December 14, 2011

-_____2 GREEN links below . The Dark Knight  Rises preview:  an impressive stunt and an enormous  problem – Telegraph Video:  The Dark Knight Rises –  teaser trailer –  Telegraph _____GREEN link below . _Dark Knight __Rises in the  _first trailer ____The Sun |

Batman ‘Dark Knight Rises’ first movie trailer

July 21, 2011

Batman ‘Dark Knight Rising’ first movie trailer

Tom Hardy to portray villain Bane in Batman movie

January 21, 2011

. Actor Tom Hardyto portray villainBanein the newBatmanmovie. . . . . .