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Tiger Woods relished naughty media stories about himself

March 29, 2012

He kept a very low profile during the height of his now notorious cheating scandal.

But according to his former coach, Tiger Woods kept a very close eye on everything that was being written about his indiscretions in the press.

In a tell-all book written by Hank Haney, the professional golfing coach explains how his protégé would furiously trawl the internet to find stories written about his infidelities, and gauge readers’ responses to them.

Sandra Bullock returning priceless Razzie Award

April 23, 2010

Sandra Bullock returning Razzie Award

Men who cheat thinking with the stupid little brain instead of the smarter big one

March 19, 2010

Men who cheat thinking with the wrong head

Tiger Woods balls making the rounds

March 11, 2010

. . .   How many mistresses does Tiger Woods have? A Canadian company is selling a set of golf balls named the “Tail of the Tiger Mistress Collection,” which includes 12 balls, each featuring the portrait of the many women who were involved in the Tiger Woods’ sex scandal. . . . The balls […]

Tiger Woods says NO to spay tiger billboard

March 2, 2010

Tiger Woods finally says no to something

Tiger Woods may behave

February 20, 2010

. . . —What Does Tiger’s Apology Really ___Tell Us? By Mark Langford ____February 19th, 2010 _Sky News NEWS.SKY.COM Experts Analyse Tiger Woods . Golfer Tiger Woods has made a tearful public apology for cheating on his wife – but experts say his display of contrition may not have been as straightforward as it seemed. […]

Former Porn Star Joslyn James claims Tiger Woods made her eggo preggo twice

February 16, 2010

Former Porn Star claims Tiger Woods made her pregnant twice

Tiger Woods Next Move? 22MOON exclusive interview with Rash Manly

February 6, 2010

Tiger Woods Next Move?

Tiger Woods “Pity me, I Am a Sex Addict – I’m a Victim Too” publicity tour on track, as 22MOON.com predicted December 9th, 2009!

January 20, 2010

Tiger Woods “Pity me, I Am a Sex Addict – I’m a Victim Too”

Catch a Tiger Woods by his Tale (Part ONE of TWO)

January 3, 2010

Catch a Tiger Woods by his Tale (Part ONE of TWO)