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Weekly Meltdown May 26 – Mr Reagan VIDEO

May 26, 2021

Crybaby Democrat Bruce Springsteen Threatens He’ll Move To Australia If Trump Wins Again

October 17, 2020

#TRIGGERING the Cry-Bully Brigade

March 9, 2016

Cry-baby social justice warriors had no ‘safe space’ to retreat to after #TheTriggering began trending on Twitter and millions of leftists were exposed to some politically incorrect home truths.

Social Justice Activists need a Safe Space from stress

February 22, 2016

Social justice activists at Brown University have complained their activism is taking an emotional toll on them and that their extracurricular activities have at times caused them to fail classes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, their claims won them some derision on social media.

This “mental, emotional and physical stress” was featured in an article Thursday in the Providence, Rhode Island campus newspaper

Top Social Justice Warrior fails of 2015 – VIDEO

December 28, 2015

2015 was when social justice warriors and the regressive left went ‘full retard’

Racist Oberlin students flaunt stereotypical attitudes of African American appetites

December 19, 2015

Students at Oberlin College are so angered by the “insensitive” and “culturally appropriative” offerings at their Dascomb Dining Hall that they are filling screeds of protest in the school newspaper and even demanded a meeting with Campus Dining Service officials and the college president.

At issue are foods such as General Tso’s chicken being served with steamed chicken instead of fried — which is not authentically Chinese, and simply “weird,” one student bellyached.

Beware the Victim Conquerors

November 14, 2015

As Sweden crumbles under the weight of an unassimilable minority, as the Swedish foreign minister claims that her country is facing collapse due to a flood of refugees, my thoughts flash back to 1998, and a lengthy, contentious dinner I had with one of the preeminent progenitors of multiracial and multicultural Sweden: Fransesca Quartey.

Report ALL Hate Speak to your local Thought Police

November 12, 2015



MU POLICE: “911 Emergency Center University Police Department. What’s your emergency?”

STUDENT: “Uhh…….I’m here in my room and,…uhh….somebody made me,…like,…uncomfortable…..”

MU POLICE: “Can you provide a detailed description of who made you uncomfortable?”

STUDENT: “Like,…ahhhhhh…..I can’t remember, dude! Like,…I’m totally stressed out!”

MU POLICE: “Did you get a license number or vehicle description?”

STUDENT: “OH, WOW….DUDE! Now you’re stressing me, man….”

MU POLICE: “Turn off all lights and lock yourself in your safe-space till the trauma and grief counciling teams arrive.”

STUDENT: “No way, man….my safe-space is totally out of fudge brownies and milk, dude.”

Students who support Free Speech threatened at U. of Missouri

November 11, 2015

University of Missouri police are investigating new threats against students as First Amendment activists plan a campus rally on Nov. 11

P.C. Cry-Bullies Jihad against Free Speech – VIDEO

November 10, 2015

Instead of producing the next generation of intellectuals, these universities are churning out crazed cult members who have declared war on free speech.
Unless actual liberals stand up for the virtues of true intellectual tolerance and authentic, classical liberalism, the future for free speech in the west is doomed.