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Alcohol kills brain cells, relationships and other living things.

June 16, 2008

Alcohol fuels Scotland’s high homicide rate Monday June 16, 2008 KIRSTY SCOTT THE U.K. GUARDIAN Scots are almost twice as likely to commit homicide or kill themselves as people anywhere else in Britain, a study has found. Research published today blames alcohol and drug consumption for the markedly higher homicide and suicide rate. The study […]

Magdalena Rouco Hernandez bares her breasts in protest of her uncle the Cardinal

May 10, 2008

Graham Keeley, Barcelona May 8,  The U. K. Guardian TOPLESS and dressed in suspenders, she stares from the cover of one of Spain’s best-selling soft porn magazines. But this is not another of the scantily clad models who feature every week in Interviu. Rather it is the niece of the conservative head of the Spanish Church, […]