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Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) led campaign to get Judge Jeanine Pirro off the air

March 24, 2019

The Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) led the campaign to get Judge Jeanine Pirro off the air

Britain’s Home Office received information more than a decade before it commissioned an investigation into Pedophile rings

July 21, 2018

The term Islamophobia has successfully silenced many voices and created an atmosphere in which people deliberately self-censor

French President Emmanuel Macron calls Nationalist-Populism a hateful “Leprosy”

June 23, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron denounced the rise of nationalist-populism in Europe, calling it a hateful “Leprosy.”

“Macron is a banker, pretend politician & married to his Nan.” – Katie Hopkins VIDEO

May 8, 2017

“If Macron gets in – the little boy who was a banker, who’s always been a banker or a politician, and is married to someone who is the same age as his nan – there is going to be rage on the street,” she told Fox Business in a pre-vote interview.

VIDEO – Desperate Hillary resorts to Progressive’s default position – Shout Racist

September 10, 2016

During a fundraiser in New York City Friday evening, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton described half of the Americans supporting Donald Trump as a “basket of deplorables” made up of “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” people.

Shame as a method for controlling Caucasians

August 15, 2016

Shame is the most powerful tool for manipulating a group—any group—of human beings

France has officially surrendered to Muslim Jihadists – VIDEO

July 15, 2016


Gavin McInnes makes out with Milo outside Pulse Nightclub to annoy Muslims

June 26, 2016

I just flew back from Orlando and boy are my arms tired of making out with gays. Well, one gay, actually. His name is Milo Yiannopoulos and I made out with him to annoy Muslims. We did a speech on Wednesday near the location of the shooting to protest Islamophobiaphobia

Hit and run on Muslim woman blamed on ‘Far Right’ was actually Muslim on Muslim attack

April 4, 2016

A hit and run on a Muslim women in Molenbeek this weekend, blamed on ‘far right’ anti-Islam demonstrators, was in fact perpetrated by an allegedly drunk local youth named “Mohamed”

Death by Political Correctness

March 24, 2016

Are progressives going to murder our children with their political correctness?

Brutal as that sounds, that’s a serious question we must all be asking ourselves after the terror attacks in Brussels. Everyone knows such events could easily happen here (where our population dwarfs Belgium’s and therefore opens us to a far greater catastrophe numerically) and yet our progressive and liberal friends — even and especially the moral narcissists running for the Democratic presidential nomination — refuse to name radical Islam as the perpetrator of the attacks.

Let alone Islam itself, the true culprit.