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Sleep Paralysis or Old Hag Syndrome?

March 6, 2013

Have you heard of the old hag syndrome? Some professionals call it sleep paralysis, and perhaps it is. The old myth is that a traveling spirit in the shape of the old hag will pass through your house on some given night and sit on your chest and keep you from moving or breathing.

This happened to me before I even knew about any of this.

I was around twenty years of age and had to move back to my folk’s house for a while as I broke up with the girl I was living with in the year of 1980. It was spring of the year and I was stressed out, but went to bed and enjoyed listening to my mystery theater on the radio, when I went to bed. I had my old bedroom back; across the hall was my other bedroom for a time. My folk’s bedroom was around the corner, and they were in bed as well for they had to get up for work. I was laid off of my job, so I could sleep in.

I fell asleep listening to my radio show and staring at my Right Guard deodorant can in the street light coming in through the window. My shades were pulled, yet there was some light that still filtered in.

I fell asleep at some point and my radio went off after the hour timer. That is when I got my visitor. I woke up around three in the morning and noticed a red light flashing out the window, and to this day I am not sure what that was.