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R. Lee Ermey: Exhibit A in the New Hollywood Blacklist

April 18, 2018

Actor R. Lee Ermey, who died at 74 of pneumonia Sunday morning, was Exhibit A in the New Hollywood Blacklist. After criticizing Barack Obama in 2010, Ermey’s thriving film career immediately dried up. Even after apologizing, he was ostracized, fired by GEICO insurance and never did another commercial. After disappearing completely for a few years, he managed to appear in a couple of C-grade reality shows in the last few years of his life.

Hollywood Blacklist alive and well

November 26, 2017

As canny as I like to think I am, even I couldn’t have foreseen the events of the past few months. Hollywood has become a killing field, a huge mass grave filled with the bullet-riddled careers of men felled by allegations of sexual assault or harassment

Doctor Michael Savage still banned from entering Britain

May 3, 2017

Friday will mark the eighth year of Britain’s ban of a prominent American talk-radio host and bestselling author from entry because opinions he expressed on the air purportedly made him a threat to national security.

Blacklists are bad unless the Left composes them – Trump vs. N.W.O. Thought Police

March 21, 2016

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Beware the Liberal’s Blacklist

May 12, 2014

Granted, conservatives haven’t been exterminated — yet— — but, as I mentioned above, the metaphorical stoning and lynching by PC mobs of anyone with conservative viewpoints is already underway. When the mob becomes hysterical and single-minded, violence follows. Arm them with guns, money, political power and a propaganda arm in the form of the press, and presto! Instant mass persecution.

People lived in this kind of fear behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Ironic that we fought and defeated that kind of totalitarianism only to see it wash up on our shores a few decades later.