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Tool of New World Order Merkel vows to keep flooding Germany with refugees

July 29, 2016

After the bloodiest month in Europe since the Nazis waged world war on Europe and beyond, Angela Merkel dug in her bloody boots and said: “The terrorists want to make us lose sight of what is important to us, break down our cohesion and sense of community as well as inhibiting our way of life, our openness and our willingness take in people who are in need.”

No, you silly, feckless, reckless cow, they want to defeat us, destroy our way of life and impose Islam across the world. This migration is a religious mandate — al hijrah.

Frau Merkel another tool of the N.W.O. Elite

January 24, 2016

Obama isn’t the only elite messiah who favors national suicide for past sins, though he is certainly the blindest, most self-righteous and willfully destructive one in American history.

Then there is Frau Angela Merkel — the Chancellor and Chief Guilt-Tripper of Germany. Frau Merkel shares Obama’s fantasy world, where only the Good People rule and the rest follow orders. The EU even has a slogan for it: it’s called the “democracy deficit” — meaning that ordinary voters have no power whatsoever. Yes, the EU is spreading love and peace all over, but — shucks — there’s still a ways to go.