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Reese Witherspoon busted

July 15, 2013

“HuffPost” just ran a roundup of “Celebs Who Won’t Do Nude Scenes” that listed REESE WITHERSPOON – and my eyebrows shot up like busted window shades when they reported: “Reese is very strong on this issue, going so far as to say, ‘If actresses take their clothes off, they objectify themselves. I am flabbergasted by how many legitimate actresses do it.’ ”

Say whaaaat? That flabbergasted me, Reese!

Have you forgotten how the camera lingered over your nude 21-year-old bod as you lounged languidly on a bed with LIEV SCHREIBER in the 1998 movie “Twilight”? (No, not the vampire flick – the one with PAUL NEWMAN.)

Well, I hadn’t – so thanks for giving me a legit reason to Google/ogle you in my journalistic pursuit of the…er, naked truth!