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Was JFK’s autopsy faked?

November 18, 2013

FIFTY years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, bomb­shell new evidence reveals that JFK’s autopsy was faked.

In a world exclusive ENQUIR­ER interview, the first nurse in the life-or-death drama to try to revive Kennedy at Dallas’ Parkland Hos­pital has disclosed the existence of a mystery bullet she discovered in the president’s neck – a bullet that disappeared and never showed up in any investigative reports.

For a half-century, registered nurse Phyllis Hall, now 78, has kept her silence, saying nothing about the bullet and the controversy surrounding the official autopsy – until now.

Her blockbuster information reveals that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have acted alone – that there had to be at least one other assassin firing from in front of Kennedy’s motorcade, likely from the infamous “grassy knoll.”

“The autopsy report was faked,” Hall told The ENQUIRER. “All you have to do is look at the doctors’ reports to know that something is rotten.”

After valiant attempts to save Kennedy in Parkland’s Trauma Room One failed, the body was rushed to Bethesda Naval Hospital near Washing­ton, D.C., for the autopsy.

Hall says the swift removal of the body enabled tampering with the corpse.

“The body never should have left Parkland be­fore the autopsy was done,” she said. “The body was tampered with – before it got to Bethesda and after.

“I read some of the reports back then, and I thought, ‘This is not right. This is not how it looked. What about the other bullet? I was there! I saw it! I know it was there, but it just disappeared.’”

Looking back at the drama, Hall recalled that President Kennedy was already dead when he ar­rived at Parkland.

“I tried to feel for vital signs, but I could feel no pulses. His eyelids were half-closed and his color was what we refer to as cyanotic – bluish gray. His pupils were fixed and dilated.

“I noticed a big exit wound underneath his Adam’s apple near the top of the breast bone. He had a massive wound on the back of the right side of his head, which had to be an exit wound. The bullet that exited from the back right side of his skull came somewhere from the front, toward the top of his head.

“This means that Oswald probably was not the only shooter. The car had already passed the point where he would have had a shot. That shot had to have come from the front… near the grassy knoll.

“That whole section of his head was gone. There was no brain tissue in the cavity – most of it was on Jackie Kennedy.”

Hall was shocked to discover a bullet lodged between the president’s earlobe and the top of the shoulder, on Kennedy’s right side.