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September 30, 2017

Tobe Hooper passed away the same night Hurricane Harvey hit Texas – making it impossible for him to be properly honored in Austin or anywhere else

Groundbreaking Texas director Tobe Hooper dead at 74

September 29, 2017

That doesn’t diminish his brilliance. Hooper’s signature film, produced for $60,000 raised from Austin good-ole-boy politicians in 1973, was the revolutionary “angry youth” picture that Hollywood had been trying to make for several years—perhaps explaining why it was shunned by his fellow filmmakers. Besides being a horror classic, Chain Saw is a powerful antiestablishment screed at the tail end of the Vietnam era, when emotions were still raw and Nixon had just left office. Almost everyone associated with it—the notable exception being the stunning Final Girl from Houston, Marilyn Burns—had some connection to the counterculture.