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Madonna rehearses GaGa mashup – VIDEO

May 29, 2012

Here’s an interesting way to throw shade: months after referring to Lady Gaga’s single “Born This Way” as “reductive” of her own work, Madonna was caught on tape rehearsing a mash-up of “Born This Way” and the song it’s said to very closely resemble, “Express Yourself.” (She’s going on tour this summer.) Madonna didn’t have to work too hard to mash them up–they are, indeed, quite similar–though the final song in the medley is a bit pointed. The rehearsal video concludes with a snippet of the 2008 album track “She’s Not Me,” about a younger pretender who tries to copy the older icon’s style, while lacking her je ne sais quoi.

Lady GaGa and Timberlake Saturday Night Live May 21st 2011

May 22, 2011

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Saturday Night live May 21 2011 – Lady GaGa 100 plus photo gallery

Lady GaGa Versus Madonna: ‘Born This Way’/’Express Yourself’ merged videos

April 22, 2011

__BORN THIS WAY ________VERSUS __EXPRESS YOURSELF -____Three Videos ___Lady Gaga –  ___Born this Way  ___with Madonna  ___express yourself  ___mix ___LADY GAGA  ________Vs.  ___MADONNA –  ___BORN THIS WAY /  __EXPRESS YOUR SELF __“the real” M4SH UP! ___Lady Gaga  _______vs.  ___Madonna –  ___Born This Way  _______vs.  _Express Yourself  ___(Mashup Mix)