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Jesters and Clowns speak truth to Kings

August 19, 2013

Well, we can at least console ourselves that retaliation can take on forms worse than death threats. Ah…much worse, as in actual death, as “Happy Jack Feder,” a former clown, points out in the most recent edition of American Spectator. Happy Jack relates a little-known incident that occurred in Stalinist Russia:
After a hard day’s work, Uncle Joe blessed a Moscow circus with his presence. The clowns performed a bit that contained (what Stalin perceived as) political commentary obliquely critical of him. Yet the audience roared with delight at the funny clowns!
True to form, Stalin had his armed guards line up the clowns in center ring and execute them, on the spot.
Then, as a clever follow-up on Stalin’s part, he had the guards turn their guns on the audience and slaughter dozens. Call it a curtain call: it was curtains for all.
Oh, the dangers of mocking Great Leaders.