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Ruslana Korshunova death still ‘labeled’ a suicide – but was it murder?

November 18, 2014

A supermodel’s suicide in Manhattan is being linked to her membership of the Rose of the World cult.
Ruslana Korshunova committed suicide in 2008, cutting through the construction mesh protecting an office building. The Kazakhstan-born model was only 20.
Although the New York Police department believed that she had committed suicide, Miss Korshunova’s family and friends could not believe she killed herself.
An investigation into her death by Peter Pomarentsev has now revealed that she was a member of a cult, called Rose of the World.
The daughter of wealthy businessman and former Red Army officer, Miss Korshunova’s blonde hair and piercing blue eyes made her a natural for the fashion scouts who scoured the former Soviet Union for talent.

Ruslana Korshunova: красивый ангел The unsolved murder of a Russian angel!

September 22, 2009

Ruslana Korshunova красивый ангел

The tragic death of soft spoken beauty Ruslana Korshunova.

June 30, 2008

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June 29, 2008

The unsolved murder of Ruslana Korshunova!