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Progressives never let a crisis go to waste

August 4, 2019

The Office star Rainn Wilson responded to the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio by warning that the “biggest threat” to the American people are “angry white men with guns.”

Media Myth: Most mass shooters are White

July 30, 2019

Even before the final butcher’s bill was presented for the Sunday-night mass shooting in Gilroy, the blue checkers and talking heads were filling their platforms with fairy tales that most mass shooters are white.

But in the two-week run-up to Gilroy, there were 36 other mass shootings from coast to coast — and 34 of those shooters were black. One was white and one Hispanic. These results echo a New York Times story from 2016 that stated, much to the surprise and chagrin of the reporters, that whenever there are three or more victims of gunfire, 75 percent of shooters in America are black.