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Rock Hudson’s secret deal

April 30, 2012

When a Hollywood scandal sheet of the 1950s was going to OUT closeted heartthrob ROCK HUDSON, his manager cut a secret deal and outed another star instead!

RORY CALHOUN, a rising star, was nearly blacklisted after Confidential magazine cut a secret deal by Hollywood studio ops to keep their biggest, seeming hetero, male star ROCK HUDSON safely in the closet.

Calhoun, who was born Timothy Francis McCowan, had a troubled early life, drifting in and out of reform schools to hard time in San Quentin by the time he was 21.

After his release, he met actor Alan Ladd’s agent wife Sue Carol Ladd who introduced him to David O. Selznick Studio employee Henry Willson who managed a stable of hunky young men who showed “promise”.