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King Obama and the Sandy Hook AR-15 myth

March 24, 2013

Here at Natural News, we have a reputation for asking intelligent questions about things that don’t add up. There are a lot of mysteries out there, and they deserve to be explored and questioned: Why is there still mercury in vaccines? Why did the WTC 7 building implode and fall when no airplane hit it? If the government can create money from nothing, why are we still paying taxes?
And today, I’m adding to that list this commonsense question: Why has no surveillance footage been released from the Sandy Hook shooting, showing Adam Lanza blasting away with an AR-15?
Here’s why the non-release of this video footage is so interesting:
Every time a school shooting takes place, one of the very first things that gets released to the media is the school surveillance footage depicting the gun and the shooter. The purpose of this is to associate the pain and anguish of the massacre to the image of a scary-looking rifle.
In mere days after the Columbine shooting in 1998, for example, the media received footage from the massacre and began playing it over and over again, hammering home the images of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold with their guns. The same is true with numerous other school shootings as you’ll see below.
But with the Sandy Hook school shooting, no video footage has been released. A reasonable person has to ask the question: WHY?

Marines defended by Doctor Michael Savage

January 21, 2012

Most of the “men” in the news media — the same journalists orchestrating the attack on Marines who allegedly urinated on Taliban terrorists they killed in battle — have never even been in a fistfight, let alone a firefight. And yet here they are, piling on the real men who have the guts to go into combat against 15th century radical Islamist throwbacks.

Marine cleared of murder charges

December 2, 2011

As William C. Rodriguez inspected the badly decomposed bodies of two Iraqis, he was troubled by the large crowd of observers in the military’s national morgue at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Mr. Rodriguez, a renowned forensic anthropologist, had been called in to settle the most sensational murder case to come out of the years-long Iraq War.

The defendant, Ilario Pantano, had abandoned a comfortable life on Manhattan’s Upper West Side after the Sept. 11 attacks and persuaded the Marine Corps to induct him, at age 31, to help fight the war on terrorism.

But the war turned into a courtroom struggle for his own freedom.