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Pete Doherty may be performing “Jailhouse Rock” soon

July 18, 2008

                 .   Doherty arrest warrant issued    ANANOVA An arrest warrant has been issued for Pete Doherty  after he failed to attend a magistrates court hearing. The Babyshambles frontman yesterday dodged  his criminal damage hearing for a second time,  forcing authorities to issue the warrant. Chairman of […]

Pete Doherty misses 60,000 pound gig to hang out in cathouse!

July 8, 2008

  PETE DOHERTY lost £60,000 when he missed a gig this weekend – because his cat went into labour, The U.K. Sun reports july 8th.   The singer and his band BABYSHAMBLES were due a big payday to play the Werchter festival in Belgium but stayed home so he could see the birth. . . Despite calls […]

Is Amy Winehouse addicted to ultraviolet radiation now?

July 8, 2008

. . TROUBLED singer AMY WINEHOUSE . has developed another addiction — to her sunbed, The U.K. Sun reports July 8th., 2009. Pals are worried because the pasty star spends more than an hour a day absorbing its rays in a desperate attempt to get back to brown. Rehab singer Amy, 24, even dozes off […]

Pete Doherty’s pristine party pad pictures posted!

July 6, 2008

  . Reclining in his rancid front room, with the fragrant smell of dirty underpants and crack pipes lingering in the air, PETER DOHERTY invites your favourite mag Hello-life! into his Wiltshire hovel, The U.K. Sun reports July 5th. The singer has carried out some extensive renovation to this charming turn-of-the-century cottage. Period features include a cutting-edge collection of […]

Amy Winehouse was obnoxious while performing at Glastonbury!

June 29, 2008

  AMY WINEHOUSE SPITS INTO THE CROWD! AMY WINEHOUSE made PETE DOHERTY look angelic last night after punching a fan, spitting chewing gum into the crowd and calling KANYE WEST a c*** on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury,  Nadia Mendoza at Glastonbury reports for The U.K. Sun June 28th. . Her obnoxious behaviour tainted what […]

Pete Doherty horsing around in prison

April 16, 2008

(Another famous Rash Manly headline) By ANTHONY FRANCE Crime Reporter for The U.K. Sun       JAILED rocker PETE DOHERTY stares vacantly in his cell — amid revelations he is shooting up heroin in the prison’s DETOX unit. The junkie singer, 29, has been injecting smack smuggled into London’s tough Wormwood Scrubs slammer. Doherty, […]

Amy Winehouse may be cracking up!

March 26, 2008

LIA NICHOLLS reporting for The U.K. Sun March 26th. DRUGGIE AMY WINEHOUSE steps out for a kebab with her face covered in scabs. . Visitor … Pete Doherty called at her home. . The singer’s spotty skin shocked onlookers as it emerged she is to return to rehab, this time abroad. . Crack addict Amy, […]