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Perez Hilton dubbed ‘the most hated man in Britain’ by Celebrity Big Brother viewers

January 30, 2015

American gossip blogger Perez Hilton has been dubbed ‘the most hated man in Britain’ by Celebrity Big Brother viewers who want him kicked off the show after a string of vicious spats with other stars.

Hilton – who is gay – has built a reputation on publishing cruel stories about celebrities and effectively forcing a number of stars to come out of the closet by posting about their sexuality.

Now he has chosen co-stars as his latest targets – comparing Ken Morley to cancer, wrongly accusing Patsy Kensit of a racial slur and telling two others to try ‘pretend lesbianism’ to win votes.

His behaviour has sparked an online backlash from offended fans and media watchdog Ofcom is considering an official probe into the Channel 5 show after a number of complaints.

Jennifer Lawrence not giving The Queen of Mean blogger Perez Hilton a free pass

October 21, 2014

Vanity Fair released the full interview with actress Jennifer Lawrence in which she discussed the nude photo scandal that rocked Hollywood in late-August.
Lawrence, a primary target in the scandal, reportedly called out celebrity blogger Perez Hilton for sharing explicit images of her on his website. He removed the photographs shortly after he posted them and apologized by saying he’s often forced to make “quick decisions” at work.
“He took it down because people got pissed, and that’s the only reason why,” she said. “And then I had to watch his apology. And what he basically said was, ‘I just didn’t think about it.’ ‘I just didn’t think about it’ is not an excuse. That is the exact issue itself.”
Model Kate Upton, Meagan Good, and Kaley Kuoco were among the list of more than 100 celebrity female victims in what Lawrence previously referred to as a “sex crime.”