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Pamela Anderson PETA Pet

December 31, 2010

pamela Anderson erotic sexy photo gallery

Katie Price (Jordon) to star in David Hasselhoff’s new show U.K. Baywatch!

July 17, 2009

Jordan (Katie Price) hot sexy photo gallery!

Pamela Anderson flashes her breasts, I’m shocked, SHOCKED!!!

December 20, 2008

Pamela Anderson flashes her breasts!

Pamela Anderson’s Mom wanted a lesbian daughter, lesbians not heart broken she is not.

July 14, 2008

  . Actress Pamela Anderson has dashed the bizarre hopes of her mother – insisting her sexual preference is strictly for men, WENN is reporting July 14th. The blonde bombshell’s mum hoped her daughter might be attracted to women because she didn’t agree with the pin-up’s taste in men. . . Anderson even documented a […]

Pamela Anderson too hot to wear a bra to the Opera!

June 10, 2008

  PAMELA ANDERSON stunned revellers in Montreal last night by flashing her nipples at the Opera. I’m not talking the place where posh folk go to watch podgy blokes warbling in some foreign language – Opera is merely the name of the swanky Montreal nightclub she picked to grace her busty presence with. And Pammi […]

Hugh Hefner not spotted making out with Perez Hilton

April 8, 2008

  Pamela Anderson surprised Hugh Hefner with a naked lapdance, WENN is reporting April 8th.            The star – who has appeared on the cover of the publication 12 times – gave the media mogul the unique gift during celebrations at the Palms Fantasy Towers in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 5th.   […]

Hospital Pamela Andersons German woman’s breasts

April 1, 2008

A German woman is suing doctors after she checked in to have wrinkles removed – and woke up with a new pair of breasts. . Ingrid Bruelling, 33, had the operation in the German city of Kassel. . She wanted to give herself firmer skin and remove the wrinkles after losing 16 stone on a […]