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Obama throws military in Afghanistan under the bus

March 17, 2012

From the moment Barack Obama undertook his American apology tour just months after his inauguration, it was evident that we were going to project weakness on the world stage via our foreign policy. It was Obama’s way of paying penance for the evils our nation had committed during the Bush administration.
Sadly, this also meant our military was going to fight from a posture of weakness, and as a result, nearly every effort begun under Obama has been one that gives the benefit of the doubt to our enemies. And as of late, this has gotten so bad that our troops are literally at risk under Obama.
Let me say at the start that our troops aren’t weak; they are the best and bravest in the world. However, they are being hamstrung by top-down policies reminiscent of those imposed on our combat troops during the Vietnam War.

“Appeasing terror only delays your demise.” Rash Manly

April 20, 2010

Winston Churchill/Rash Manly quotations

Barack Obama wins the Nobel Appeasement Prize!

October 10, 2009

Barack Obama wins the Nobel Appeasement Prize!

Barack Obama voted “Most Popular” by the Nobel Prize judges!

October 10, 2009

Obama wins the Nobel Appeasement Prize!