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Obama ‘Birther’ questions still unanswered

June 20, 2011

Obama will not produce his university transcripts

Obama’s Birth Certificate a composite fake document claims new book

May 24, 2011

Corsi’s new book proves Obama’s Birth Certificate is a composite fake document

Obama played Race and Trump Cards to squash Birth Certificate issue

May 24, 2011

Obama and Trump plot to neutralize the Birther issue

Obama and Trump’s secret scheme to neutralize the Birther issue

May 24, 2011

Obama and Trump plot to neutralize the Birther issue

Osama Death Photo Shell Game: Forget ever seeing Obama’s sealed University and Law School transcripts

May 6, 2011

-___GREEN links below . ___Osama Bin Laden  ___death photos will  ___be released,  ___says CIA boss as  ___White House weighs ___‘gruesome’ reveal ___Osama bin Laden  ___photo:  ___President Obama  ___decides against  ___releasing Osama  ___bin Laden death  ___photo –  ___latimes.com ___US confirms it  ___will not release ___Osama bin Laden ___death photo  ___The Guardian ___Osama bin Laden  ___DNA confirms death, ___but photos are fake […]

Trump not laughing at Obama/Meyers Trump jokes

May 1, 2011

_____GREEN links below . _______Donald Trump pushes  _______back at prez jokes –  _______Maggie Haberman –  _______POLITICO.com _______Trump says jokes  _______about him by Obama,  _______Meyers were  _______‘inappropriate’  _______The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room

Obama’s University Records must be forever sealed or it is Racism

April 30, 2011

Obama’s University records must be forever sealed or it is Racism

Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Videos

April 30, 2011

Obama Birth Certificate Conspiracy Video Collection

Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital didn’t exist in 1961? Reader comments set the record straight

April 28, 2011

___Comment by  ___David Purtee ____on Obama’s _______birth The problem with this  “new” birth certificate  is that it’s well….new.  It lists his birthday  as August 4, 1961,  then list his fathers  native country as  Kenya.  The problem with  that is Kenya didn’t  exist until 1963,  it was British East Africa  or East Africa Protectorate  until then.  It […]

Obama so smart we peons cannot fathom his genius

April 28, 2011

Obama’s high school/college/law school/medical records missing