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“Lions and Tigers and Birthers – oh my!”

April 16, 2011

____GREEN link below – . ___Sarah Palin  ___offers support  ___for Trump  ___birther quest ___Whoopi Goldberg ___Explodes At Donald ___Trump About Obama‘s ___Birth Certificate On ___‘The View’ ___(VIDEO)

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Birthers? (Barry Soetoro is)

April 15, 2011

-___GREEN links below – . -___Donald Trump:  -___White House  -___‘sideshow’ diss  -___proves Obama  -___sees me as  -___threat in 2012 _____Trump turns  _____birthers into  _____GOP voters |  _____Daily World |  _____dailyworld.com ______Trump:  ______‘Birther is  ______a Negative  ______Word’ ___Birther Czar  ___Joseph Farah:  ___I’ve Been Talking ___To Donald Trump ___‘Quite A Bit’ |  ___TPMDC

Obama was born somewhere and only racists ask for exotic paperwork

March 31, 2011

. ._GREEN link below – _Springs man’s claim ____to have Obama _____records sets ____birthers abuzz | __springs, colorado, .__obama – Colorado _Springs Gazette, CO

Obama won’t produce his high school, college, or law school transcripts either Whoopie

March 29, 2011

___Whoopi Goldberg ___Explodes At Donald ___Trump About Obama‘s ___Birth Certificate On ___‘The View’ ___(VIDEO) . What do Barack Obama and GOD have in common? Neither one can produce their college records, law school records, high school records, medical records or birth certificate

Obama can’t run for President again without his birth certificate

March 29, 2011

. ____GREEN links below – . ___Culture of ___conspiracy: ___the Birthers – ___Ben Smith – ___POLITICO.com ___American Thinker: ___The Real ‘Birther’ ___Conspiracy Theory -_____the ___Birthers __Arizona Birthers _See Tie To Birthright __Citizenship . . Obama using “The Chicago Way” to take over America (Part ONE of FIVE) Obama using “The Chicago Way” to take over America […]

Obama spent millions so far hiding his birth certificate from racist redneck ‘Birthers’

March 29, 2011

____GREEN links below – . ____Donald Trump: ____I’ve got my birth ____certificate, ____where President ____Barack Obama‘s? ____Andy Barr – ____POLITICO.com ____Donald Trump ____Birth Certificate ____President Obama ____Birthers | ____Mediaite ____Trump: ____New Facts ____Emerging on ____Obama Birth ____Certificate ___Show me! ___Donald Trump ___wants to see ___President Obama‘s ___birth certificate ___with his own eyes ___Donald Trump – […]

Do not question Obama or you are not “rational”

January 25, 2011

Do not question Obama or you are not ‘rational”