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King Obama calls for equal pay for women (unless they work for him)

May 13, 2013

On Friday, President Barack Obama issued a memorandum to federal agency and department heads tasking them with devising a strategy to combat “unfair pay disparities” which “are a detriment to women, families, and our economy.”
Obama added: “The Federal Government is the Nation’s largest employer. It has a special responsibility to act as a model employer.”

Obama declares today is ‘National Equal Pay Day’

April 9, 2013

President Barack Obama officially declared Tuesday “National Equal Pay Day,” symbolically marking how much extra work women supposedly must perform to reach pay parity with men.

“Women — who make up nearly half of our nation’s workforce — face a pay gap that means they earn 23 percent less on average than men do. That disparity is even greater for African-American women and Latinas,” Obama said in a statement issued Monday. “On National Equal Pay Day, we recognize this injustice by marking how far into the new year women have to work just to make what men did in the previous one.”

While Obama, who signed the 2009 Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to make filing employment-discrimination suits easier, has repeatedly lamented statistics showing that men generally earn more than women, the Obama White House has failed in recent years to pay female employees the same amount as male ones.

Legislation sponsored by two Democrats would give women the same pay as men

February 1, 2013

Obama White House pays Women 18 percent less than Men

NOW asks Obama – Where Are The Women?

January 12, 2013

The War On Women is being waged fiercely—by Barack Obama. Obama has yet to appoint a woman to his 2nd term cabinet, and the National Organization for Women is furious:
President Obama has made a number of high-profile appointments recently — four at last count — and they are all white men. I am concerned that the current trend in your Cabinet appointments has excluded women and people of color. Women, especially women of color, are being disproportionately affected by current debates over the federal budget, education policy and access to health care, and their perspective needs to be represented among your top advisers. There is no doubt that qualified women exist for each and every position you will be called to fill, so there is no excuse to consign the vast majority of decision-making power and authority to men.

Obama White House pays women %18 less than men

January 4, 2013

Obama White House pays Women 18 percent less than Men

White House War on Women Escalates

January 4, 2013

The White House’s Flickr account recently released a photo of President Barack Obama and his top advisers. The complete absence of women in the image is another reminder that females are underrepresented in Obama’s staff.

Additionally, the president still pays his female employees significantly less than their male counterparts.

The Obama White House in 2011 paid female staffers 18 percent less than their male colleagues:

Obama’s White House pays women %18 less than men

October 17, 2012

____GREEN link below . ____Prez touts fair pay,  .____but records show  ._____women paid less  -_________in WH  _____| The Daily Caller . ______GREEN link below Obama White House Pays Women 18% Less on Average Than Men | The Lonely Conservative