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Some Police Officers now dare to identify the race of suspects

September 2, 2013

That set the P.C. alarm bells ringing. Said the school in press release: “The University of St. Thomas believes that descriptors alone are not a valid reason to profile or cast suspicion on any individual. They are included here because they may reasonably assist in identifying the perpetrator of this incident.”

Black mob violence has become a regular part of life in St. Paul – though do not wait for the newspapers to say that: “In recent weeks, the East Side has been plagued by violence and disruption from large groups of mostly young people,” said the Pioneer Press. The East Side of St. Paul is the black part of town, site of the recent attack on Ray Widstrand.

After moving into the East Side, a black mob of 100 attacked Widstrand, leaving him with permanent brain damage. If he lives

Media electronic Race Pimps

August 31, 2013

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