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VA hospitals a great place to score powerful drugs

May 24, 2014

“Corpseman”: that’s how man currently known as Obama vocalized the word “corpsman” in 2010.

Remember that?

Of course, he’s a genius (his undisclosed transcripts show that), and so maybe he was, as usual, simply speaking more incisively and presciently than the rest of us imbeciles will ever be capable of.

After all, it looks like Obama’s Veterans Administration does, after all, have a stack of Obamacare-style, death panel dead bodies in Phoenix.

Who knows? He might even, Soylent Green style, convert the dead veteran bodies into energy like his friends in Oregon did with dead babies.

The Washington Times reported that the administration, in 2008, was apprised as a general matter of VA problems related to wait times. According to the Times, concealed wait times are what led to the resignation of Undersecretary of Health Robert A. Petzel.

Maybe so, but there is also evidence that Petzel — since he presumably had access to VA inspector general reports — knew about loose drugs at the VA and did nothing about it.

The Times relied on FOIA requests, but ordinary citizens can often quickly obtain Web information that is far more penetrating than that acquired by way of FOIA requests — requests that can be time consuming and that are all too easily dodged and/or constructed in terms favorable to the agency under scrutiny.

So if Americans want to know what the next Obama scandal is going to be, just do some agency Internet research.