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Naomi Campbell not throwing fit for a change

June 30, 2008

FIERY NAOMI CAMPBELL grimaces yesterday as she creeps cautiously into the sea on the French Riviera from the side of a luxury yacht, Philip Case reports for The U.K. Sun June 30th. Wearing just a tiny black bikini, the stroppy supermodel, 38, clearly found the water a little too chilly at St Tropez. She hopped […]

Naomi Campbell gets a slap on the wrist instead of jail, yet again!

June 21, 2008

  MAGISTRATES heard yesterday how raging supermodel Naomi Campbell hurled vile ABUSE and PUNCHED, KICKED and SPAT at cops – then they let her walk FREE, Kathryn Lister reports for The U.K. Sun. The crazed millionairess escaped a jail sentence and got just 200 hours community service and a £2,945 fine for a shocking bout […]

Naomi Campbell struts her butts!

May 4, 2008

  Published: 03 May 2008     (A Rash Manly sarcastic headline!) NAOMI CAMPBELL has been spotted in a New York restaurant flouting the smoking ban, the U.K. Sun reported May 3rd. The scary model lit up despite it being illegal to smoke in public places in the Big Apple. One London restaurant lets her […]

Foxy Brown likes a cell phone with a good range

April 21, 2008

(Another famous Rash Manly we know Rash!) . Rapper Foxy Brown is out of jail, the AP is reporting April 20th. Family and fans greeted Brown Friday outside Rikers Island as she was released from the jail after serving an eight-month sentence. “The first place I want to go is church. I’ve got to get […]