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7 celebrities who need a Reality Check

September 14, 2014


That hair, that tongue, whatever the hell that was at the VMA’s . . . Miley needs someone in her camp to call her up and say “Girl, that ain’t cute.”

We all know that these are all publicity stunts, but seriously Miley… We all know that you have grown up, so it’s unnecessarily to shove your “maturity” into our faces…

Miley Cyrus needs professional help for her sexual psychiatric disorder

August 7, 2014

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Miley Cyrus out of the bisexual closet?

January 2, 2014

From her aggressive twerking to her overtly revealing outfits, Miley Cyrus has well and truly recast herself as a bad girl.

But behind closed doors it appears the former Disney star’s private life is even wilder than her public image.

New reports claim that Miley has been ‘experimenting with women’ and is ‘definitely bisexual’.