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Miley’s ‘accidental’ Nip Slip at the VMA awards was no accident

September 20, 2015

Miley Cyrus’s fleeting flesh flash at the VMAs was NOT a nip slip, swears a pal of the perky pop tart! Miley – who claims she “accidentally” dropped a drape covering her – purposely paraded one pink promontory for trademark titillation!

Marveled my source: “Miley’s a HUGE tease … and just loves showing off her assets! That little minx knew millions were watching and was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to bust out!”

Miley’s most titillating revelation, to Jimmy Kimmel: “America’s actually fine with tits – it’s the nipple they don’t like!”

Miley Cyrus pulls the old ‘Accidental’ Nip Slip ploy out of her bra on live TV

August 31, 2015

The singer was shown changing backstage for the final performance of the night when suddenly she let a curtain slip open for a brief instant.

After flashing the camera, Miley could be heard through her headset: ‘Sorry, my tit’s out’.

But that was not all, as the Wrecking Ball singer also got into a verbal argument with Nicki Minaj on live television.