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Doctor Michael Savage is not only beating Hannity — he’s trouncing him

February 19, 2014

Sean Hannity has long been right-wing radio’s dominant silver medalist, second only to the untouchable Rush Limbaugh. So when Michael Savage, his new competitor in afternoon drivetime, started throwing punches in the hopes of ginning up a public feud, Hannity demurred.

But now the first month’s numbers are in, and in at least five of nation’s largest markets, Savage is not only beating Hannity — he’s trouncing him.

In January, in the coveted 25-to-54 year-old demographic, Savage beat and in some cases doubled Hannity’s average quarter-hour (AQH) audience, according to new Nielsen numbers provided by an industry insider.

In New York, Savage’s program on WABC averaged 9,500 AQH for 25-54, while Hannity’s WOR program averaged just 5,000. In Dallas, Savage’s WBAP program averaged 3,600 to Hannity’s 1,900 on KSKY. In San Francisco, his KSFO program averaged 3,700, almost doubling Hannity’s 2,000 on KNEW. In Detroit, his WJR-AM program had a 4,200, more than five-times Hannity’s 800 on WDTK-AM.

Doctor Michael Savage wins landmark legal battle

May 6, 2013

In a ruling that is being compared to the case that led to free agency in baseball, a federal judge in California upheld an arbitration panel’s decision to release talk-radio host Michael Savage from a contract with his former syndicator, Talk Radio Network.

Savage’s lawyer, Dan Horowitz, called it a landmark case for talk radio.

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“Michael is to talk radio what Curt Flood was to Major League Baseball,” Horowitz told WND, referring to the player who challenged baseball’s reserve clause, which kept a player bound to his team even after fulfillment of his contract.

Savage told WND the ruling “should free talent from the threats and extortionist behavior of ruthless Old-Hollywood types who can still be found in the corners of the radio industry.”

“For me, personally, it finalizes a struggle to perform for my audience in an atmosphere of freedom, not working on a ‘radio plantation,’” he said.

Marines who urinated on bodies thrown under bus to appease Islam

January 18, 2012

The Defense Department and top Marine Corps brass responding to a video that apparently shows four U.S. Marines urinating on bloodied bodies in Afghanistan should be standing up for brave American warriors instead of kowtowing to radical Islamic lobby groups and Afghan leaders, says talk-radio host Michael Savage.

“America has been hoodwinked!” Doc Savage

August 3, 2011

“Any cook should be able to run the country” – vladimir lenin

America attacked on July 4th by The Obama Media

July 5, 2011

America attacked on July 4th 2011 by The Obama Worshipping Media

Doc Savage ignored by media

November 29, 2010