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Barack worshipping Media tipped the scales for Obama

November 7, 2012

4. The Benghazi Blackout: Right after the September 11 attack in Libya, the networks proclaimed that the events would bolster President Obama — “reminding voters of his power as commander-in-chief,” as NBC’s Peter Alexander stated on the September 14 edition of “Today.” But as a cascade of leaked information erased the portrait of Obama as a heroic commander, the broadcast networks shunted the Benghazi story to the sidelines.

News broke online in late September, for example, that Team Obama knew within 24 hours that the attack was likely the result of terrorism. That starkly contradicted claims from White House press secretary Jay Carney, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and President Obama himself that the attack was a “spontaneous” reaction to an anti-Muslim video posted on YouTube. Yet, ABC took nearly two days to bring this story to viewers, while CBS and NBC held off for three days.

This was, shamefully, the broadcast networks’ pattern in October: New developments exposing the administration’s failure to provide adequate security, or contradictions in their public statements, were either given stingy coverage or buried completely. The puzzle pieces revealed a disturbing failure of Obama’s national security apparatus, but the networks flitted in and out of the story, never giving it any traction.

Instead of an “October Surprise,” the networks engineered an “October Suppression” — keeping a lid on the boiling Benghazi story until Election Day. Who knows how voters might have reacted if the media had covered this story as tenaciously as they did Romney’s “47% gaffe”?

Obama Media trying to ‘Palinize’ Michele Bachmann

August 11, 2011

Obama media trying to make Michele Bachman look crazy before the 2012 election

America attacked on July 4th by The Obama Media

July 5, 2011

America attacked on July 4th 2011 by The Obama Worshipping Media

Media Colonoscopy of Sarah Palin backfires on Obama’s Lapdog Press

June 13, 2011

Media colonoscopy of Sarah Palin E-Mails backfires

Sarah Palin dons her Presidential Running Shoes

May 27, 2011

Sarah Palin: Obama’s Worst Nightmare in the 2012 election

Sarah Palin for Prez 2012!

May 26, 2011

Sarah Palin running for President in 2012

The Walking Dead Media – Part 3 of 13

November 17, 2010

The Walking Dead Media

The Walking Dead Media – Part 9 of 13

November 17, 2010

.FIRE THE MEDIA By James Lewis ___November 7th, 2010 AMERICAN THINKER American Thinker: Fire the Media Part Nine of Thirteen         They knew exactly what they were doing, because you can watch them doing it over and over again. Also Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the angry children of amazing wealth who […]

Al Gore the Climate Change Whore

January 6, 2010

Al Gore the Climate Change Whore

Democrats conceal health care bill so Americans will not know it is actually a “Socialist Takeover of America” bill

January 5, 2010

Democrats conceal health care bill so Americans will not know it is actually a “Socialist Takeover of America” bill