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Obama fear mongering about Climate Change an excuse for a massive new tax

November 15, 2012

President Barack Obama got the facts wrong on global temperatures in his brief discussion of climate change Wednesday afternoon, according to Joe Bastardi, a meteorologist and Chief Forecaster to Weatherbell Analytics.

Lord Monckton says Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent

April 9, 2012

After a visit to Phoenix to get a first-hand look at evidence collected by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his investigative team, former Margaret Thatcher policy adviser Lord Christopher Monckton says he is convinced that the document presented by the White House as Barack Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

Monckton, known internationally for his climate-change skepticism, told WND he didn’t pay much attention to the controversy surrounding Obama’s birth certificate until he watched Arpaio and his team present their preliminary findings at a March 1 news conference. The sheriff’s Cold Case Posse has concluded there is probable cause that Obama’s birth document and his Selective Service registration are forgeries.

Al Gore’s 24 hour broadcast more painful than getting gored by a bull

September 17, 2011

Al Gore’s 24 hour Global Warming TV event was a crashing failure