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Lindsay Lohan arrested for alleged nightclub assault

November 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan has been arrested after getting into a fight at a New York nightclub and allegedly punching another woman.

The troubled starlet, 26, was at celebrity haunt Avenue and after exchanging words with a fellow patron, she is believed to have punched Tiffany Eve Mitchell, 28, causing bruising and swelling to the victim’s face.

This morning, Lohan left a Manhattan police station, with a jacket over her head – while two blondes were seen leaving a police station, one with visible bruising on her face – believed to be the victim.

Katy Perry avoiding Lindsay “Trainwreck” Lohan

July 28, 2012

“KEEP that train wreck away from me!” A furious KATY PERRY shouted that order af­ter bisexual bad girl LINDSAY LOHAN tried to latch on to her at a recent roller skating party hosted by the singer.

Things spiraled out of control quickly at the Glendale, Calif., rink during a July 14 party the 27-year-old threw for her friend, stylist Johnny Wujek.

Lindsay showed up uninvited and “dressed like a bag lady” at the ’90s-themed bash, said a Hollywood insider. “She started acting really weird.

“She refused to talk to any­one and she kept following Katy around, trying to take a photo with her. Katy told friends, ‘I think she may be drunk, so PLEASE keep her away from me!’ ”

But it got worse as the 26-year-old “Mean Girls” star – who’s been in rehab at least five times – began catching up to Katy as they skated around the rink.

Lindsay Lohan Smashin’ Fashion

January 12, 2012

lindsay lohan big sexy breasts photos

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad has a few screws loose

April 25, 2010

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Lindsay Lohan developed her own natural looking tanning spray

July 11, 2009

Lindsay Lohan developed natural looking tanning spray Sevin Nyne


March 15, 2009

Warrant issued for arrest of Lindsay Lohan!

Lindsay Lohan is not empty – more like full of it!

November 23, 2008

  . Actress Lindsay Lohan has  refused to quit her online blog –  because it proves to the public  she’s not “empty”,  WENN reports November 22nd. . The Mean Girls star has used her  MySpace.com blog as a political and  personal platform, alluding to her  relationship with girlfriend Samantha  Ronson and slamming U.S. politics  in recent […]

Lindsay Lohan says her upcoming marriage to Samantha Ronson was a lie fabricated by reporters!

September 15, 2008

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