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Last laugh for Tim Allen: LAST MAN STANDING to return

May 12, 2018

The Tim Allen-starring blue-collar comedy Last Man Standing will be brought back to TV as Fox has picked up the popular series after ABC abruptly canceled it last spring.

Roseanne reboot rocks ratings

March 28, 2018

ABC’s Roseanne returned to the television airwaves on Tuesday night and drew in more than 18 million viewers, marking TV’s largest comedy premier in years.

ABC’s bogus reason they canceled ‘Last Man Standing’

August 9, 2017

When I heard that ABC had cancelled Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing, my first thought was: “Wait, the guy from Home Improvement? He had another show?” I don’t really pay a lot of attention to network TV these days.* But millions of people watched it every week, and they were really disappointed.

‘Last Man Standing’ canceled by ABC despite good ratings

May 12, 2017

It’s no secret that Hollywood and the entertainment world rigorously thought police the industry to punish conservatives who refuse to fall in line with the liberal consensus.

Disney and ABC slimy tentacles of the Democratic Party

November 5, 2015

Here is what is really going on:

Kal Penn is a former Obama White House staffer. Sure, he’s made a serious splash in the world of entertainment, but he is a political animal to his core, and a cunning one.

The sitcom in question, “Fair and Balanced,” is going to ridicule and attempt to further marginalize Fox News, possibly sometime next year.

If so, next year is a presidential election year.

If not, the sitcom still benefits Democrats.

If it is next year, Democrat Hillary Clinton will be running for president and every television news outlet, other than Fox News, will be doing everything in its power to elect Hillary Clinton president.

Here’s where it gets especially juicy…

The sitcom is going to be developed by and air on the ABC television network.

Disney did the impossible: destroyed the Muppets

October 12, 2015

Disney did the impossible: destroyed the Muppets. By making the Muppets “edgy” left-wing partisans who attack Fox News, come out as pro-abortion, and hurl sex jokes, the once-universally beloved franchise has been doomed. First, the leftwing Muppets failed at the box office, and now Kermit and Company are on the verge of having their new television show cancelled.