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Nazi Party forming thanks to Obama’s Arab Spring

November 16, 2012

Wasn’t Barack Obama just comparing himself to Reagan or Thatcher, or something?
He’s more like the anti-Reagan.
Where once was a pro-American ally, now there’s a Nazi party.
Good grief.
The Jerusalem Post reported, via Lucianne:

A group of Egyptian political activists have announced plans to set up a local version “of the Nazi party,” an Egyptian newspaper reported on Thursday.

Citing a leftist Egyptian news portal, the Al-Masry Al-Youm daily said that “the party’s founding deputy is a former military official,” and that the party would be aimed at bringing “together prominent figures from the Egyptian society.”

The report cited founding member Emad Abdel Sattar as saying that party “believes in vesting all powers in the president after selecting him or her carefully,” and that “preparations are underway to choose the most competent person to represent the party.”

Al-Masry Al-Youm added that an Egyptian Nazi party “operated secretly under former President Hosni Mubarak, whose regime prevented party leaders from carrying out their activities freely.”

Al-Masry Al-Youm said it could not verify the report, but said it found “two Facebook pages” that “appeared recently under the title of “the Egyptian Nazi Party,” which have so far attracted 70 followers.

Members are “increasing at an unexpected rate, and several people came to ask about the nature of the party and its plans,” the report said.

The party has a one-year plan to develop Egypt, unlike the “marginalized liberal parties, which are like dead bodies,” a source was quoted as saying.

Obama’s re-election sparks war in the Middle East

November 16, 2012

It is impossible not to notice the timing of this week’s incipient Middle East regional war. It comes approximately one week after Barack Obama was re-elected to the presidency. Last Tuesday, Obama won re-election; four days later, Hamas began firing rockets on Israel’s southern cities in a new wave. The day after that, Syria began shelling Israeli positions in the north. And two days after that, the Palestinian Authority told the press that they would be making another bid for statehood at the United Nations; the same day, riots began in Jordan over gas price increases.
The region is descending into war because of weakness in the White House – but also because each of the regional players, with the exception of Israel and the current Jordanian and Turkish governments (both of them have been silent), has an interest in war. Obama’s empty chair foreign policy has incentivized virtually every anti-American regime in the region into greater aggressiveness. Now Obama is attempting to stuff the genie back into the bottle by issuing statements of support for Israel. But it’s too little too late.

Obama hails Morsi win in Egypt

June 25, 2012

Arab Spring giving birth to the 21st century Nazi Party

Welcome to Obama’s Arab Spring

June 25, 2012

_______GREEN link below Welcome To Obama‘s Arab Spring

Dog and Pony Show in Egypt

June 6, 2012

Arab Spring giving birth to the 21st century Nazi Party in Egypt

דרייקאָפּ Obama courts votes during Passover speech

April 7, 2012

Today, President Obama released his annual Passover message – and, as usual, he used it as an opportunity for political grandstanding. Last year, Obama used his message to compare the Jewish exodus from Egypt with the Islamist Arab Spring. This year, Obama made no less than two veiled references to race – and one relatively clear one to racial profiling and by extension, Trayvon Martin.