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Kris Jenner not nominated for Mother Of The Year

February 14, 2013

Kris Jenner has been hit by claims she allegedly ‘cheated on husband Bruce with former love Todd Waterman’ at the start of their relationship in the early 1990s according to a new report.

The Kardashian matriarch is reported by In Touch magazine to have cheated with Todd even after she began living with Bruce

Although Kris denies cheating on Bruce, 63, the magazine alleges Todd told them last year that he and Kris were having sex after she was dating the former decathlete.

‘We were still sleeping together when she started dating Bruce,’ Todd said then about their relationship, claiming they ‘hooked up’ after Bruce had moved into her Beverly Hills home.

Bruce Jenner may be divorcing Momma Pimp Kris Jenner

November 15, 2012

Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner have been hit by tabloid claims their marriage is on the rocks.

Former Olympic athlete Bruce has apparently consulted a divorce lawyer regarding his 21-year marriage to the Kardashian matriarch.

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Bruce has reached breaking point because of Kris allegedly flirting with younger men – and her ego over the Kardashian clan’s growing business empire.

The couple – who have teen daughters Kendall and Kylie together and a $155m forture – renewed their wedding vows last year, which was aired during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But insiders told the National Enquirer: ‘Bruce feels that Kris treats him like a doormat, and he’s had enough.

‘She constantly belittles his appearance and complains to mutual friends that he’s a boring old fart.

‘Then she has the gall to flaunt her relationships with younger guys in his face!’

Kris Jenner can’t keep her granny panties on

July 16, 2012

KARDASHIAN clan matri­arch KRIS JENNER’s 21-year marriage is on the verge of collapse – after hubby Bruce Jenner caught her cozying up to her boytoy lover!

Kris Jenner thinks divorce from Bruce would make great TV

February 7, 2012

Kardashian family matri­arch KRIS JENNER has destroyed her 20-year marriage to Olympic athlete Bruce with a sleazy cheating scandal – and her disgusted daughters have sided with their humiliated stepfather!

The greedy stage mom stabbed her husband in the back by baring inti­mate details of her affair with a much younger man in a cheesy mem­oir – and now word has come out that she was still seeing the young hunk while she was dating Bruce!

Worse yet, nearly a decade later, when Kris got bored with married life, she went after the guy again!

The new revelationssparked a knock-down, drag-out fight that could lead Kris and Bruce to divorce court, say sources.

“Kris single-handedly bulldozed the marriage by bragging about her shocking indiscretion and lying to Bruce about when she broke it off,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

Kris Jenner serial slut role model for Kim Kardashian

January 28, 2012

Kris Jenner obsessed with good life and with other men according to the 1991 divorce documents/
‘There’s no truth to the shows, they’re all pre-conceived. Kris shared that with me once, that they make it up. It’s mindless, it’s nonsense, like Jersey Shore.’

Kris Jenner role model for Kim

January 15, 2012

Kris Jenner was obsessed with the good life and with other men according to the 1991 divorce documents from her split with late O.J. Simpson attorney, Robert Kardashian.

The couple fought over what Robert perceived as Kris’ lavish spending and he even accused his then-wife of flaunting her new relationship with now-husband, Bruce Jenner in front of the children.

The Kardashian household was first thrown into turmoil after Robert reportedly found Kris in the arms of her boy toy Todd Waterman, according to the documents obtained by Star Magazine.