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Attention Ho Kim K. buck naked in Kanye West video

November 21, 2013

Kanye West – Bound2 (Full Uncensored Version) – VIDEO

Kanye West’s popularity on the downslide after catching Kim Kardashian curse

November 12, 2013

KANYE WEST’s popularity on the downslide after getting horizontal with KIM K – industry analysis.

In less than two years, the 19-time Grammy-award winner’s likability has nosedived by a whopping 66 percent, according to the influential Q scores, a closely watched measure of recognition and popularity that marketers use to evaluate celebrities’ appeal.

Before West began dating the 33-year-old Kardashian star in April 2012, his score was high — a 17 among women aged 18-49.What’s more, the 36-year-old father-of-one was rated even more lofty — a score of 19 — among men 18-34 dating as far back as February 2011.

But shockingly, West’s popularity has plummeted to a mere 3 among women 18-49, the latest results from September reveal.He’s hemorrhaged popularity among his core fan base of men too, but not as significantly as women: West’s most recent Q Score among the 18-34 male demographic was a lowly 13.

West’s fading stardom in the influential poll — also used by companies and advertisers to help make major endorsement decisions — began several months after his relationship with the E! star went public and has continued amid his clashes with the paparazzi and other celebs, RadarOnline reported.

“Kanye has had a significant drop among women,” Henry Schafer, Executive Vice President of the Q Scores Company, said. “It’s surprising.”

Not really. Kane has been a source of derision since he was lambasted by South Park years ago in their classic “Gay Fish” ep but now even his most ardent admirers seem to have had enough of his ties to the Kardashians.