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Jodie Foster not tempted by $$$ book deal

March 11, 2012

Oscar winner JODIE FOSTER confiding to pals she just got offered a “ridiculous” amount of money to pen her memoirs…YAY!… but fuhgeddaboudit…BOO-HOO!… you’ll NEVER read the star’s surefire blockbuster – she turned the publisher down flat!

Said my source: “Who’s had a more gossiped-about life, from growing up as a child actor playing a streetwise hooker at age 13, to her ’80s cocaine bust – to generating headlines worldwide as the girl who inspired lovestruck lunatic JOHN HINCKLEY JR. to ‘impress’ her by attempting the assassination of PRESIDENT RONALD REAGAN!”

But more than that stands in the way of “Jodie’s Journal.”

She refuses to talk about her sexual orientation, said the source, and she won’t reveal the identity of her two sons’ father.

“Jodie’s such a private person that no amount of money could tempt her to expose her life to the public.”

Jodie Foster to host French César Awards

January 12, 2011

. . American actress Jodie Foster, who is fluently bilingual, will host the 36th annual César Awards in France. Link below in GREEN . CBC News – Film – Jodie Foster to preside at France’s Césars . . (Jodie Foster & Cynthia Mort)

Jodie Foster accused of pushing, scratching and bruising teenage fan

June 12, 2010

Jodie Foster sexy erotic photo gallery

Jodie Foster and Cindy Mort: Tales and details of the torrid affair!

May 27, 2008

. . . (Jodie Foster & Cynthia Mort) . So why HAS Jodie Foster left her lesbian lover of 15 years? By ALISON BOSHOFF THE U.K. DAILY MAIL MAY 27th, 2008 Cynthia Mort, 51, who also goes by the name Cindy, is a highly intelligent, high-profile writer, who has made a name for herself by […]

Shocking new details on the Jodie Foster Cydney Bernard split!

May 22, 2008

Jodie Foster erotic sexy photo gallery